EDGE Research Seminar: Fall 2014

In the Fall of 2014, the EDGE programme continues its EDGE Open Research Seminars. Unless otherwise indicated, the research seminars take place from 12:00 till 14:00 in room 2.03 (Meeting room, 2nd floor, Karel Van Miert-building, Pleinlaan 5).

2014 Fall Programme

  • Thursday 02 October 2014: Soumia Akachar - Presentation of study: From citizen to citizen: Understanding political representation as cyclical and multi-dimensional.
  • Thursday 16 October 2014: Ilke Adam & Mathijs van Dijk - Presentation of study: The multi-level governance of immigrant participation in the labour market. On the relation between complex governance structures and policy outcome.
  • Thursday 30 October 2014: Christof Roos - Presentation of study: Contested EU Mobility. Changing Conditions for EU Freedom of Movement.
  • Thursday 13 November 2014: Tom Verthé - Presentation of study: Do coalition signals matter? A voting behaviour experiment for the 2014 Flemish regional election.
  • Thursday 27 November 2014: Xu Tian - Presentation of study: Democratic accountability in political meritocracy: A Confucian perspective.
  • Thursday 30 October 2014: Saleh Zamani - Presentation of study: Toward a theoretical framework for explanation of state breakdown in the Muslim world.