Visiting Fellows

The Institute for European Studies and the Department of Political Science of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel have joined forces through the inception of the strategic research programme on ‘Evaluating Democratic Governance in Europe’.

The EDGE programme greatly welcomes visiting fellows to join the EDGE programme at either the Department of Political Science or the Institute for European Studies.

Further inquiries regarding fellowships can be made here.

What EDGE offers:

  • An inspiring working environment in a team of enthusiast peers.
  • The possibility to partake in teaching on one’s area of expertise (e.g., guest lectures)
  • The possibility to partake in EDGE research activities (e.g., research seminars, lectures, etc.)
  • A working space at the centre of Europe, in close proximity of the European Institutions.
  • Access to all on-campus facilities.
  • Assistance in finding accommodation for the duration of the stay (but, please, note that EDGE cannot cover travel or living expenses).

Procedure for applicants:

  • Applicants should have affinity with at least one of the core research packages of the EDGE programme.
  • Applicants should contact a professor at EDGE. If (s)he is willing to act as a host, an application dossier will be presented to the EDGE board members for approval.
  • The application dossier should contain the following: a recent curriculum vitae, (if any) a list of publications, an outline of the envisaged research to be conducted during the stay (maximum 2.500 words) and details on the envisaged timing and duration of the stay.
  • Applications are welcomed throughout the academic year. Applications should be made at least three months prior to the start date of the envisaged stay.

Current Visiting Fellows

Former Visiting Fellows

  • Iulian Romanyshyn
  • Daniela Sirinic
  • Giacomo Orsini
  • Emanuela Garboni
  • Miroslav Klusak
  • Maria Carmen Navarro Solano
  • Alba Alonso
  • Johanna Kentala-Lehtonen
  • Inga Ydersbond
  • Marta Cruells
  • Monika Kokstaite