Alba Alonso


Alba is postdoctoral researcher at the University of Santiago de Compostela and visiting fellow at the Department of Political Science of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She has been a researcher of the EU FPVI project QUING (Quality in Gender + Equality Policies) and various EU-wide studies driven by the European Institute for Gender Equality. She is currently a member of the core group of the Gender Equality Policy and Practice project and co-leader of its Issue Network on Care Policies ( Her main research areas refer to gender and politics in Spain, Portugal, and the UK, gender and federalism, the Europeanization of equality policies, and the promotion of equality in science.

Research Interests: 

Alba’s postdoctoral research focuses on the study of the women’s movement in Catalonia and Scotland during their respective referendum processes.

Recent publications include:

Article. Alba Alonso and Emanuela Lombardo (2015), ‘Ending ghettoization? Mainstreaming gender in Spanish political science education’, European Political Science, forthcoming

Book. Alba Alonso (2015), El mainstreaming de género en España, Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch

Article. Alba Alonso and Tània Verge (2014), “Territorial dynamics and gender equality policies in Spain”, Revue Fédéralisme-Régionalisme, 4 (special issue Étudier les systèmes fédéraux à travers le prisme du genre), vol 4, URL :

Book. Marta Lois and Alba Alonso (eds.) (2014), Ciencia Política con perspectiva de género, Madrid: Akal

Article. Alba Alonso (2012), “Intersectionality by other means? New equality policies in Portugal”, Social Politics, 19(4), 596-621 (special issue edited by Sylvia Walby and Mieke Verloo)

Chapter. Alba Alonso; María Bustelo; Maxime Forest; Emanuela Lombardo (2012), “Institutionalizing intersectionality in Southern Europe: Italy, Spain and Portugal” in Andrea Krizsan, Hege Skjeie, Judith Squires (ed.), Institutionalizing Intersectionality?: The Changing Nature of European Equality Regimes, Palgrave Macmillan

Chapter. Alba Alonso and Maxime Forest (2012), “Is gender equality soluble in self-governance? Europeanizing and Regionalizing Gender Policies in Spain” in Emanuela Lombardo and Maxime Forest (ed.) The Europeanization of gender equality policies. A sociological and discursive approach, Palgrave Macmillan