Karen Celis

Pleinlaan 5 (room 2.69)
1050 Brussels
Karen Celis is research professor at the Department of Political Science, and affiliated to RHEA (Centre for Gender and Diversity) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. From 2007 till 2013 she was Co-convenor of the Standing Group on Gender and Politics of the European Consortium for Political Research. She is co-editor (with Georgina Waylen, Johanna Kantola and Laurel Weldon) of the The Oxford Handbook on Gender and Politics (Oxford University Press, 2013).


Research Interests: 

Karen Celis conducts theoretical and empirical research (qualitative, comparative) on political representation of groups (women,ethnic minorities, class, age groups, LGBT), equality policies and state feminism. In her more recent work she investigates the political representation of groups from an explicit intersectional perspective, which requires understanding groups as formed by the intersection of discriminatory mechanisms such as gender, race/ethnicity, class, age and sexuality. This evidently challenges the concept and praxis of political group representation, as well as the ways to assess thequality thereof. Against this background, Celis investigates the empirical and methodological implications of understanding groups and their interests as intersectionaly construed, and the normative standards for assessing the quality of substantive representation.