Kristian Krieger


Kristian Krieger is Research Associate at the Department of War Studies of King's College London (KCL) where he works on the EU-FP7 project PRACTICE (Preparedness and Resilience against CBRN terrorism using integrated concepts and equipment). He is also affiliated with the King's Centre for Risk Management (KCRM). His research focuses on state and non-state responses to man-made and natural disasters from a cross-country comparative and European perspective.

Prior to this, Kristian completed a M.Sc. in International Political Economy at the LSE and a German Diplom in Political Science with Law and Economics at the University of Leipzig. After his degrees, he worked as a Research Assistant at the King’s Centre for Risk Management (KCRM) where he was involved in several projects concerned with risk perception and communication in the energy sector and the terrorism field. Following this research work, he undertook his ESRC-sponsored PhD project (Putting risk-based governance into institutional context: Flood management regimes in Germany and England in the 1990s and 2000s) at KCL’s Department of Geography. In this, he explored the institutional determinants of different national styles of risk-based governance, thereby challenging assumptions of a uniform rise and colonisation of public policy areas through risk instruments.

In June 2012, he won the Third Giandomenico Majone Best Paper prize of the Standing Group Regulation & Governance of the European Consortium for Political Research for his paper "Norms, structures, procedures and variety in risk-based governance: the case of flood management in Germany and England".